Hi awesome Beta-testers!

When you join us this weekend for the first beta-weekend-stress-test-event-of-awesome for Storm Legion, you'll also probably notice right away that A LOT HAS CHANGED. Specifically, all of the changes in progress for the 1.11 patch to RIFT Live are currently active on the Beta shard. 1.11 deals with significant soul revamps and adjustments to the level 1-50 content in preparation for the Storm Legion hotness.

I'll be posting the in-progress notes for 1.11 here in the Announcements forum for reference. There will also be threads in the Calling sub-forums for discussion and feedback on the very large number of Soul changes. As always, please keep in mind that these changes are very much in flux and can and will change rapidly.

These things are so long that I'll be breaking them up into a couple of different threads. Please don't get eyestrain.