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In pvp i would say that using deathly calling stacks is probably completely worthless( but maybe someone has a use for em- pull rogues out of stealth? or low lvls keep ppl from capturing flags fang?)

Your right Deathly Calling is 100 % worthless in PVP yet its supposed to be the necros big deal compared to the Sabo's stacks and thats so laughable its not even funny, Only spell the necro has worth anything is Soul Purge which once again takes a necro way to long to build up charge which is the reason i speced Cloro and dumped Warlock .I have changed my build to necro/Cloro/Archon so i can at leat be semi usefull in Warfronts and be able to have some survivability in open world PVP . No matter how you slice it mage DPS sucks in a big way and necros are garbage in PVP. When i hear Rogues complain about armor they should realize their Armor has Double the AC ours does so if they complain what does that do for the mage ? Were like a glass pellet gun nevermind cannon