... is it developments goal to pigeon whole dps warriors to playing Champion Beastmaster if they want to be top end dps. I understand with the system in place there is always going to be the Alpha build, but there seems to be a 300-500 DPS gap between dual wielding and 2h. Even with all the recent changes to Beastmaster to fix the bugs Warrior who roll with a Champ/Beast/Para build are still pulling well over 1k dps.

Even before the paragon armor penetration bug fix the dps was not as high as that and after its far in superior to Champ.

The two souls that seem to be built off of are Champion for 2h and Paragon for Dual Wield. Where Champ Beast have good synergy Paragon has no synergy really with other souls in the dps line. And many leach Paragons Strike like Iron with only 4 points spent into the soul.

I dont have an answer but something needs to be done to bring up Dual Wield damage to be on par with 2h.

I have tried several builds with paragon as the base.

44 Points into paragon to obtain Paired Strike. Points are NoT spent into:
Serenity: Serenity is rather a useless ability as a dps class in PvE group raid situation will not be dodging or parrying. In PvP not that important to have either.
Run Like the Winde: A filler ability and rather useless, if you cant get away from something with 15 seconds of base ability run speed no need. If you are a harvesting bot I can see this bouncing from node to node.
Touch of Tranquility: To situational, possibly good for soloing if you want to escape a bad situation, how ever in group situation impossible to use some one will break it. A silence would have been a better choice. niether here nor there.

Titan's Strength seems to be all that is really of use here because all the lower base ability's are 2H specific.
Deadly Strikes would be good if it was not 2H specific.
Take no Prisoners would be good if it affected Strike Like Iron and Shifting Blades, unfortunately it does not as it only affects damaging attack point consuming abilities not damage incease attack point consuming abilities. Since you get the most out of paragon with Path of the Hurricane and Rising Waterfall follow up attacks paired with SLI and SB.

An odd choice, but I seem to pull more damage with paladin in the line up than with Riftblade or Beastmaser. I contribute that to the 10% increase to 1h weapons from Small Arms Specialization. The added HP armor and counter CC tools is also a pluss going this route.

Starting at 3 Action Points:

Strike Like Iron > Paired Strike > Path of the Hurricane > Dual Wield > Rising Waterfall > Shifting Blades > Dual Wield > Rising Waterfall > Dual Wield.

The timers do not match well after a few rotation on SLI and SB there seems to be a 2 second gap so you can toss in Death Tough during this time or just use the unbuffed low damage of DS RW till SLI / PS is back up.

This will net you 1K + initial burst damage. Which quickly subsides to around 720 dps then takes another drop after 30 seconds to around 620 dps. Prolonged sustained damage is around 620 dps, with periodic bursts of 1K+ when ever Paired Strike is up.

One of the issues in drastic drops in dps is the 1.5 second global cooldown most notibly from Shifting Blades where your just auto attacking for nearly 2 seconds.

Possible areas to look at for increasing DW to be somewhat close to 2h dps:
  1. Reducing Warior Global Cool Down to 1 sec when dual wielding.
  2. Slightly Adjusting Teaching of the Five Rings up to 2% from 1.7% for each point spent with a maximum of 55-60%
  3. Removing the Global on Shifting Blades.
  4. Cut the Global Cool down on Paired Strike in Half so It can be used with Strike Like Iron and Shifting Blades.
  5. Add another component to Improved Flowing Strikes where the Duration is not only increased but Critical Strike Damage is also increased.
  6. Add a strength increase to Way of the Mountain or change Way of the River to increase damage, to hit, and crit.
  7. Change the position of Strke Like Iron with Shifting Blades so that its further up the tree or make it dual wield only.

Also I would say Improve Riftbalde so that it is synergistic with Paragon in respect to Dual Wielding as BM is to Champ. How ever I withfrane as Riftblade is just as well suited for 2h.

Just not a lot of build options for Dual Wielding Paragon that can compete with 2h Champion sustained DPS.

If any one that dual wields can parse over 720 sustained dps let me know. I would like to see your build.