Mixing the DPS Souls:

You can't mix the souls. Oh, to a small certain extent you can, and they usually involve Beastmaster if and only if you have at least 21 points to spend. It simply comes down to that each soul is so focused on it's on mechanics that it cannot be blended in with something else without simply wasting most of talents and abilities you pick up:
  • Almost everything in Paragon forces dual wielding and followups.
  • Champion is two handed weapons and physical damage.
  • Riftblade is only elemental damage.
  • Beastmaster (which so far is the best for merging) still requires enough points so your pet doesn't get one shot in every encounter.

What this means (for example) is that if you try to blend Champion and Riftblade you find that nothing in your Champion tree gets any sort of benefit from Riftblade and vice versa because Champion is operating on Physical damage and Riftblade on Elemental. The end result is that you might get a few nifty toys from one or the other but no real synergy between trees.

DPS #s:
The armor penetration bug was bad, but not only because it over did our damage, but because Warriors were very obviously balanced because this bug existed but hadn't been discovered right before release. All those huge nerfs maybe wouldn't have been necessary if this had been spotted and fixed (our fault as testers too). Here is a very basic breakdown of DPS from testing on ALPHA yesterday (I have much better gear then they give you from the merchants):

Champ or Paragon + roughly 21 BM = 750-900 DPS
Anything else = 500-600 DPS.

So if you run a BM pet you can do solid-very good single target dps. The problem is that pets die far to easily (even more since the healing changes) and we shouldn't be required to spec 21-28 BM just to go from bottom of the barrel DPS. I know a lot of other callings are having similar issues where they only have one really good dps build and the rest are beyond under par.

This also gets into what Sweet recently posted about "punishing melee encounters." If I have to joust, run around, dodge cleaves (and more) then why should a Mage who gets to stand 35 meters away and never move do more single target dps then me? Don't tell me it's because I wear plate (laughable) and have more hit points. 95% of the time if something kills a mage it would have killed me to just as fast. This isn't an attack on Mages, I'm just using it to illustrate that we do need more diverse encounters and that for the risk of being forced into melee (only we have no viable ranged specs which honestly makes sense) we should probably do good dps when we actually get the chance.

Itemization / Stats:

Attack Power is a joke. That is the crux of the problem. I do far more damage then most Warriors because I stack +physical crit and Dex. Does that really make sense? I know the Devs have some amazing data gathering systems so here is a simple test: Make yourself a +200 Attack Power item and then parse before and after equipping it. The DPS increase you see will be very very small when you consider that going from Greens to Epics probably wouldn't get you that 200 AP (which would require 266 STR). I would much rather you lowered the base ability values across the board and made Str/AP have a much stronger influence on your damage so there was actually a reason to stack it. Or you could split the crit bonus from dex into STR but even that doesn't address AP being far from appealing.

Whenever items drop from Raid rifts or in Greenscale that have Attack Power no one in my guild will bid DKP on them. We break them down with Runecrafting because no one wants to spend their points. That should get the point across.

Some specific abilities:
This is limited to what I play a lot but I thought it important to point them out:
  • Distruptive Strike - I've tested this with and without Destroyer's Bearing and you'll do the same DPS if you don't use this in your rotation. It's far to expensive and just bland for it's depth in the tree.
  • Destroyer's Bearing - I tested this with 15 in Paragon for tons of Attack Points and guess what? Using Slayer's Bearing nets the same DPS. So this is a worthless 51 point talent.
  • Mark of Extermination - This gets overwritten by the Rogue poison. Assuming that the Rogue poison effects everyone it's not that big of a deal for overall DPS, but it does beg the question of why my 32 point ability is worthless if I have a single DPS rogue in my raid.
  • Protective Instincts - Doesn't help find stealthed players (haven't tested this recently but it came to mind).
  • Cruel Efficiency & Survival of the Fittest - These might have been nice in the beginning when we all had bad loot and +hit granted half of the percentage to hit that it does now. But now with the way that +hit is stacked so heavily on everything these are just wasted space.
  • Paragon Followups - These get totally screwed by reactive abilities and finishers. It should be that they can follow any non-followup ability regardless of whether or not you gain Attack Points from it.

This took two nerfs in these new notes. First that (despite the bug) we lose 4% damage to players and 5% less chance to be critically hit. I can live with that, my problem is that the whole soul is awful. Take a good look at the Archmage and the Templar and you will see some good PVP soul trees that actually have lots of different and viable options. I like the Phalanx column for people that want to be tanky but not worthless in PvP. But the Second Wind column is awful. Aura of Vengeful Wrath? Well if you read my points on Attack Power above you'd realize this does squat. Unstoppable Force? 5 minute cooldown so I can just be stunned and polymorphed and mezzed instead of snared and rooted? No thanks.

I'm not trying to come off as really negative, and I am well aware that other callings have their own issues as well. I just feel the need to point these things out and I hope that they can be used towards making a good game better.