* Strike Like Iron: Ability is no longer on the global cooldown. Increased from a 10-30% damage buff up to a 16-48% damage buff, with the value doubled for follow-up attacks.

A welcomed change, Now only if Shifting Blades was no longer on a global.

* Death Touch: Due to the Strike Like Iron changes, damage of Death Touch has been lowered.

It has been nearly reduced by 500 points of damage.

Do not really agree with this change, The damage from this ability is not active until 8 seconds after the debuff is applied. It is not instantaneous damage.

* Force of Will: Due to the Strike Like Iron changes, damage bonus to follow-up attacks from Force of Will has been reduced from 20 per point to 10 per point.

This may have something to do with why on average Follow-ups average damage range has dropped 50-100 damage.

* Path of the Wind, Path of the Raptor: Now have cooldowns of 6 seconds and a slight increase in damage due to the longer reuse time.

I have to ask what prompted this change? Now all Paragon Ranged Abilities are on 6 second Cooldowns, A point target fight of which the group as a whole is forced to be at range do to design of encounter( and there are many) the Paragon which by description has the capability to fight at range, can no longer sustain any amount of dps at distance. Path of the Wind Should have remained on its 1.5 second cool down, Path of the Raptor if changed at all should have recieved a the damage increase as it often hits for less damage than path of the wind. I could see if Raptor's damage was increased enough to incure a 3 second global, as to where 2 Winds 1 Raptor at range. You can not include Path of the Hurricane in the equation as its distance and area of coverage is entirely situational based. Used poorly could result in multiple adds and a whipe.

Realistically The Rotation should look like this: Path of the Wind 1.5 > Path of the Raptor 3 > Path of the Wind 1.5 > Path of the Tempest. ......Repeat. This would allow for a sustained rotation instead of being stagnant waiting for globals to refresh. No one likes to stand there and do nothing as a melee class.

* Dual Strike: Fixed a bug causing this to do less damage than intended - as a result, damage from this ability has increased.

Good News, but not seeing any substantial damage gain as a result of the fix.

* Deadly Grace: Increased from 7% of Dual Strike damage per point to 9% Dual Strike damage per point.
Welcomed change

* Weapon Master: Increased from a 4-20% chance to gain a second attack point up to a 10-50% chance.

Weather you realize it or not, the Paragon Class/Soul is not Finisher Based, it is Follow Up attack based. Realistically the gaining a second attack point does nothing for the soul when Strike Like Iron and Shifting Blades are on such long cooldowns. Those to abilities act as our finishing attacks. Gaining a second attack point really does nothing for us cant use them until a action point consuming ability is active. It could be done as to where Strike Like Iron keeps the non global and long reuse but, Shifting Blades gets a reduced cooldown to take advantage of getting the attack point gain. However as it is currently you are able to Keep SLI and SB concurrently in succession.

* Rising Waterfall: Damage increased.

Rising Waterfall is doing on average 50-70 less damage than before patch.

* Turn the Blade: Damage increased.

Now can you fix it so it does not cancel out follow up attacks when used. I understand not generating an attack point and not activating a follow up attack. But I do not understand why it has to cancel follow up attacks. Please fix to not cancel out follow up attacks if used while a follow up attack is active.

* Flurry: Damage lowered.


Other findings: Flinching Strike no longer activates Follow up attacks. Need this fixed, as it is realistically the only way to achieve at least 2 follow up attacks with paired strike. Unless paired strike is changed so that you can only achieve 3 crits from Follow ups but given a longer timer to achieve them in.

Next round could you please focus on giving more defined purpose to "Way" abilities Way of the River, Way of the Mountain, and Way of the Wind. As well as look at including a melee distance AoE follow up. See futher discussion on these issues here