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Thread: not liking the warrior changes

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    not liking the warrior changes

    grisy works is totally useless now and a 6 second cooldown for path of the wind is uncalled for.not like warriors have many decent ranged attacks

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    I don't think it was intended that you'd get a free 900 pt heal just by killing a level 1 critter. So Grisly works was expected to change. My expectations are it's going to want me to think twice before I pull mobs carelessly when I am on my own. But it's not going to matter much in groups.

    But however I can't understand why lower dmg and infestation cooldown. It's baffling to see these changes being done over trash mobs.

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    since i see a lot of bosses req. ranged dps warriors there are completly useless with 3 ranged atacks with 6s cd...
    i completly hate this new patch.
    lets see if i get things together to press pay in 3 days,
    atm dont feel like to do it at all

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