The Paragon has good synergy in flow of play in design with follow up attacks and abilities available in order to burst, but lacks some flavor and combat encounter option as it is primarily a single target fighter.

As designed the Paragon takes on the persona of learned combat techniques by studying the relentless forces of nature, Water Air and Earth. Storms (Air and Water) can be destructive forces, water alone can gouge the earth, yet earth can also at times withstand the forces of nature. Why not take some of this and incorporate it into the souls design to give it some flavor and a little more character while increasing its overall playability though multi-encounter scenarios.

Suggest the following in some shape form or fashion based off the already named abilities and characteristics of the Soul.

  • Way of the River: Keep - Critical hit Chance is increased by 3%. Add - Upon Critical Hit abilities deal an additional # water damage.

  • Way of the Wind: Keep- Upon parry deal 115 to 119 Physical damage. Add while this way is active attacks deal an additional # air damage.

  • Way of the Mountain: Keep - 20% increase to follow up attack damage and cannot be knocked back. Add upon being hit in combat attacker receives # earth damage (earth dmg shield).

Follow Up attacks:

Melee range water attacks;
  • Rising Waterfall: Keep as is. Add Upon being struck by rising waterfall target is caused to drown receiving # water damage over 5 seconds.

  • Add Follow up AoE melee range ability. i.e. Flash Flood: Follow up attack that deals weapon damage +# physical damage to targets in front of the paragon. Depending on cool down could add Enemies caught in the flood movement is slowed by % for #sec. Prefer this ability not have a long reuse even the 6 seconds on Hurricane is too long. Suggest this ability just be a hard hitting AoE follow up.

Ranged air attacks:
  • Path of the Wind: Keep as is. Add chance on hit increase air damage on target.

  • Path of the Raptor: Change name to representative of air, add chance on hit to proc air damage.

  • Path of the Hurricane: Keep as is. Add chance on hit to deal both air and water damage.

To make room for the new AoE follow up attack, suggest the removal of Focus Strength. No need for it when there is group buff Focus of Body which is the same thing. Not to mention in group situations with bard 52 strength and dex from bard is better than just 40 str from paragon. Since they do not stack suggest Focus of Body be moved to the current focus of strength, and the new follow up aoe attack be placed where focus of body was.

These minor changes gives the class more flavor and character drawing from its own inherent characteristics . The Air Earth and Water damage does not have to be significant. But just minor enough to appeal. The addition of the melee range aoe is much needed addition to this class for close quarter’s multi mob engagements. It also evens out the line up with 1 single 1 aoe follow up attack for both melee and ranged fights.

The most important thing is the addition of a short distance melee range AoE follow up ability that can be used in rapid succession unlike Ranged Path of the Hurricane with it's 6 second cool down. Do to Path of the Hurricanes area of overage and distance it is not always a choice ability to use, even in a multi-mob engagement for fear of additional adds. How ever when position is good and path clear is an exceptional ability. How ever it's use is confined. Where Path of the Hurricane has the area of coverage, the range, and hits with high damage, but its use is constrained by environment and cool down timer, the new Melee Ranged AoE attack should be quicker to use, cover far less distance, and do less damage than hurricane but more than a normal spam aoe since it is a follow up attack.

Note: Please do NOT change Path of the Hurricane, not asking for that.