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Thread: Does anyone use this forum anymore ?

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    Does anyone use this forum anymore ?

    I have not seen a single post in the mage forum for days. Whats the point of Alpha forum if no one uses it ?

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    Welcome to the lurker's den.

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    clearly the devs do not, or they wouldn't be nerfing more mage abilities while warriors are running rampant all over warfronts and in pve. Really? Was the arctic blast really breaking the game more that what is currently occurring with Warriors? If you're going to take away my ability to snare the warrior blobs running at me, can you please add a 51 point suicide ability so i can honorably kill myself before being run over?

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    My pet is broken as well. On my necro builds he will not attack unless I use a necro ability. Stubborn lil bastard

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