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Thread: Voidknight Suggestion

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    Voidknight Suggestion

    I realize there's no way this will happen in time for release, but I figure I will get it out there for future brain storming, and this is probably the best place.

    I was thinking since Voidknight's Empower got replaced by an action point consuming ability, it should have a new pact releasing ability somewhere in between Fusion of Flesh and Discharge. The class really only gets three pact releasing abilities, since almost no one is going to pour all 51 points to get Tempest.

    I don't know for sure what it could be, but maybe a spell/ability reflect that reflects damage per pact point. Something like Rift tap but not so terrible. Or perhaps infuse your weapon with air damage per pact point for 10-15 seconds, though this might be too much like a Riftblade skill. Plenty of other ways it could go obviously, but those are just what I can think of off the top of my head. Having a more defensive oriented ability could be better, maybe even orient it towards tanking with aggro generation.

    This is on top of re-doing some of the branch passives/abilities in the soul itself. I just feel a class that revolves around pacts should have more than three pact releasing abilities.

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    VK don't need more aggro generation. Yes, we need a better incentive to use pacts. Discharge is used because "it's there" not for any real desire to do dps as a tank, there is simply no other use for them. Rift shield is nice but situational, fushion of flesh is ok for solo, but one you hit dungeons and beyond it's pretty futile. The fact it heals LESS than a healing potion... a level 30 healing potion should give a pointer that it's simply not enough to be viable.

    Throw in an ability to raise spell mitigation for pacts, after all we're giving up this from the Paladin and Reaver trees to get deep into the VK tree. The fact the the VK becomes less resilient to casters as you put points into the tree should have set off alarms.

    The fact that rift shield can stop 5k damage on a 30s cooldown
    Fusion of flesh heals for up to 470 on a 15s cooldown.

    The amount healed needs to be upped a lot, sure increase the refresh on it but the amount it heals for needs to be upped considerably.

    Replenish for that same reason is a joke, 3 points to get a dribble of heals for.... 30. Less than 1% of the hardest hits. Change it to a 33/67/100% chance of increased incoming healing by 1% per pact gained, a stacking buff like the str and ac buffs.

    Tempest, who on earth thought that ability up? I mean really... Just think about what that ability does compared to void storm, same damage but burns pacts for the privilege. As a 51 point point talent, it should be amazing something that makes a player think, "Damn I'll have to give one hell of a lot up to get that, but it is so good I might just do that".

    Currently none of the 51 point talents for tanks do that. You might think they are amazing and wonder why noone has touched them. In all honesty, sorry but most of them would be "meh" at the 32 point placement in the tree.

    The VK is not far off from having a good tree, replace replenish with something worthy of it's spot so deep in a tree, change the "increased duration of pacts" to something more along the lines of "Whenever a pact is generated 5/10/15/20/25% chance to generate an additional pact, this effect can only occur once every 5s" and fix up the deep root towards surviving elemental attacks, if someone is specialised deep into a tank tree they want to survive, not do additional dps.

    I'm not asking every branch ability to be awesome, I just think that ones that have no desirable effect need to be rethought. Fix those, and put some nice stuff in the root and you may see people varying from the basic VK/Pally/Reaver hybrid builds.

    The truth is, we have 3 half-trees that are viable for tanking and it's only by stitching them together that we can come up with something half reasonable. Like some twisted necromancers experiment, it's not pretty but it just about works.

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    It's pretty sad how true your post is Durn.

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