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Thread: Problems with the mage class (PVP)

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    Guess I did! I wasn't 100% on that >.< I remember at that point I was using ground of power and just spamming. O well. >.<

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    Thread hijacking mofos!

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    IMO Mages are a very poorly thought out class over all. Due to survivability the mage should be dealing Massive damage not being out damaged by just about every class in the game. In warfronts we have no chance other than staying away from the action and dumping an AE on the fang if it drops or turning someone into a Squrrel thats usually resisted 90 % of the time. Any class that sets their sights on a mage in warfronts usually = a qucik death for a mage so why not at the very least give mages the ability to deal tremendous damage ?

    The necro gets deathly calling which is garbage in PVP absolute total and complete garbage. My job in warfeonts is to AE the Fang, try and turn a healer into a squrrel and set my pet on another healer to aggrevate them into healing themselves I even attack healers to annoy them further and let the real damage classes do the killing. Thats about what a mage can contribute IF you play the class smart in a warfront and not try to top the damage parser .

    Giving damn near ever class CC abilities and pets is also a slap in the face to mages . We do nothing to add other than being a semi annoyance in warfronts. If someone catches me in open world Im dead because the big damage I can prioduce as a necro is based on deathy calling which takes 5 casts of a 2 second cast time of the lowest damage crap Plague bolt or a cast of grave rot which is an AE. WTF ? Sabo;s get to stack on global cooldown so why does a mage have to stack DC with a global cool down + 2 second cast for a garbage damage ability ? While the Sabo blows people up once they are stacked ?

    While I feel the Mage is complete garbage in PVP and damage in a fast paced game I do still enjoy the class in PVE I do a lot of damage over time but time is not your friend in PVP. Do something about mages over all please and make it do damage that goes along with the type of glass cannon we should be not just a shattered piece of glass

    BTW great post Vmar

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    Im pretty much done with the mage until some huge changes are made with this game. I rolled a rogue and Im amazed at how fast they can stack 5 and unload as with the bard, assassin and sabo WTF is this crap ? They can also do it on the move an go invisible if the fight turns. Who thought of this crap and decided to make the Necro have to either cast an AE or the garbage plague bolt to get DC on a player this is so warped and crazy since DC sucks as it is.

    Trion whats in the works here ?? because the current state of the mage is a complete joke.

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