I am comming here, cause half of the Clerics crying for a dpsboost. Their comparing between healingpower and dps is always made with the chloromancer.
So, does the healingpotential of a chloromancer realy match that of healing specced clerics and is the chloro also able to dps during the healingprocess?
If so, do you think that it is O.K. or not.
And should the dps of clerics be raised up to match the dps of dpsmages when speccing a dps build or should the healing of the chloro brought down a bit to better fit into the mage calling?
Are you mage playing ppl forced to switch to a chloro build as a backuphealer cause it is way better than take a second clr into an instance?
Remember that this is no calling for a nerf .... Just want to know how ppl think it would be best for the future of the game.