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Thread: Pyro and Chloro

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    Pyro and Chloro

    I hope I'm not doing anything terribly wrong by posting these two in a seperate thread, instead of putting them in the seperate threads that have already been made for the topics, but I want this to get noticed. The recent patch (Like an hour or two ago.) nerfed pyromancers and completely overlooked chloromancers. Chloromancers got nothing more than a mediocre and almost invisible mana boost to a 2 minute cooldown. Pyromancers got somewhere along the lines of a 20+% damage nerf all around. In my opinion neither of these specs are playable in any sort of a competitive environment at this point, and they both need serious tuning.

    Yes, Pyromancers do a good amount of damage, but their soul -revolves- around damage and nothing but damage, so if it can't put that out as good, if not better than any and every other soul, then it's useless.

    Yes, Chloromancers are a support healer, and not necessarily meant to keep up a group solo. That doesn't excuse the fact that their damage and healing are both below medicore, and their mana pool even worse.


    They have extremely low survivability when fighting more than one thing at a time, and can still be easily taken out 1 v 1 if their control spells aren't used (almost) perfectly.

    Claimed to be all about damage, is currently out damaged and throw-my-computer-frustratingly outhealed by clerics(Which are OP if you haven't noticed already).

    Due to pyromancer's nature, focusing entirely on damage and almost completely ignoring survivability, control, and healing; it's only use is for pure damage. If that doesn't shine as one of the -strongest- dps souls in the game, then it will fail, unless you all are prepared to redesign the class so that it can lean on some other utility.


    Their damage is crap, which is mostly understandable because they're a support healer

    However, their healing is such crap, that it doesn't really make up for it at all.

    They run out of mana entirely too fast, while spamming their crappy damage for crappy heals.

    It's a fun class to play, but not when your only useful for keeping the tank alive for half the fight, until you run out of mana and wipe.

    Needs to be tuned up.

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    Not sure what level you are, but Chloromancers are not weak, and mana is a non factor on any of the mage specs including chloros past 40ish when you get a tidesource essence. Can easily solo heal T1 experts, and can potentially solo heal T2 or at least some of them, and have np if you add an offhealer(clerics are stronger at solo healing T2 but not by that much so you usually end up having an offhealer in both cases anyway). Chloros don't really need all that much.

    Pyromancers though, kinda right, the nerf is more the general mage DPS nerf by moving elementalist armor back to 44 though, and pyromancers not really getting buffs. They still have less hp than every other spec in the game, have less mobility than almost every spec because of ground of power, and the new ability seems like just a joke, 51pt charge dump when pyro already have 2 charge dumps, like why. I guess it's just another pvp ability since there's no point in ever getting this kind of charge dump for pve, but for pvp a large instant cast nuke would probably be enough to 2hit people from full life with cinderburst > 51pt nuke. I'm not sure how that's a good idea though, I'm pretty sure getting one rounded by a pyro who gets lucky and crit his charge dump isn't really interesting or challenging. Makes me think of wow fire mage in vanilla with double trinket ap pom pyro, terrible design having mages one shot someone every 2minutes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith777 View Post
    Pyromancers got somewhere along the lines of a 20+% damage nerf all around.
    Not to my knowledge.

    * Burning Bright: Now increases Fire damage by 0.2-0.6% for each point spent in Pyromancer, and reduces max health by 3-9%.
    * Mass Burn: Removed.
    * New Ability - Fulminate: Unleashes FLAMING DEATH on the target. Instant cast, consumes 100 charge when cast. 45 second cooldown. 51 point root ability.
    * Pyromancers now gain the ability to Track Fire Rift creatures after spending 10 points.
    * Fixed an issue preventing Fiery Concentration from affecting the max ranks of Fireball and Cinder Burst.

    There is no nerf in those notes. Burning Bright used to give +24% damage and -15%HP. Now it only gives -9% HP and the +0.6% damage per point spent in Pyro.Thats:

    10 points = +6% damage
    31 = +18.6%
    51 = +30.6%

    Ok granted this isn't ideal for everyone, for example I only go 26 points into Pyro so Burning Bright only gives +15.6% fire damage as opposed to the 24% pre patch.
    But it's not just Pyro, they've done it to skills in a number of Souls across the board. It's an attempt to introduce a more gradual damage increase to your characters abilities instead of suddenly spending a few points and receiving a huge boost in damage. I think it's a reasonable change.

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    Chloromancers are among the best healing souls in the game, dunno what you're on about. They don't get good until 30+ though. And if you have mana problems, you're obviously not using it with 10-12 points in Warlock and/or haven't chosen the talent at 26 points in the tree that gives you mana back from the synthesis affected target's incoming damage. Not doing either or both of the above is 'not doing it right.'

    Warlock passive 'Opportunity' is too good with Chloro not to take, and you get to stab yourself for mana to boot.

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