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Thread: Void Knight/Paladin/Reaver - 44 Root Abilities need to be exchanged with 30 pt Talent

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    Void Knight/Paladin/Reaver - 44 Root Abilities need to be exchanged with 30 pt Talent

    As the title says. Why is the top Tree ability for the DEFENSIVE tank classes all offensive? I mean I swear its a tease for us to try and actually be warriors because right now it is detrimental to go over 32 points in any warrior tank soul. The new 44 abilities
    VK - Singularity
    Reaver - Shroud of Entropy
    Paladin - Impassable Guard (Not new)

    These are good defensive abilities that warriors should be drooling over, but right now. No one in their right mind is going to sacrifice all for it. Developers, let the DEFENSIVE warriors be DEFENSIVE. Stop penalizing us with all these offensive abilities. We are tanks for christs sake, leave the dps up to those who want to dps. The 44 point root abilities need to be exchanged to be the top talent in the tree so they are more accessible. You guys put so much work into making those new abilities, and no one is going to use them....least not anyone in their right mind.
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    You cant put em under 34 points as getting 2 would surely be overpowered hell all raid content is tested/balanced without even one (at least Xanadu did all testing with warrior tanks, I wonder did any guild use Riftstalker as main tank?). Anyway I agree they could be 38 point, as that would put em to really sweetpoint, to take or not to take? I would prob have builds with (like reaver ae build) and builds without.

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    agreed with both. 31 and increase timer or 38 root.

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    I don't get you guys... RS can keep up 35%+ mitigation shields constantly, have more incoming healing, and more HP... but we can't have 35% - 50% incoming mitigation 20s out of every minute? Really?

    Lets do the math... If a boss is doing 1000 DPS how would the mitigation work out just taking the dmg shields into account.

    RS - over 10K health (Rift Guard can absorb 25K dmg at 51 pts reduces all incoming dmg by 35%).
    So just using Rift Guard they can keep it up indefinitely 1000 dps x .35 = 350 x 30s = 10500 which is less than 25K cap.

    Reaver - no cap, lasts 10 seconds every minute... 35% reduction.
    Void Knight - no cap, lasts 10 seconds every minute... 50% magic reduction.
    35 / (60 - 10) = .88% dmg reduction over 1 minute.
    50 / (60 - 10) = 1% dmg reduction over 1 minute.

    For every minute during a boss fight with 1000 DPS incoming dmg...
    RS = 35% mitigation
    VK/RV = 1.88% mitigation

    In order for warriors to have greater mitigation potential using those two abilities a Boss would need to do approximately 19K sustained DPS.

    This does not even take into consideration that the VK dmg shield will not work on physical dmg.

    Any questions?

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