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Thread: Warrior tanking concerns and issues

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    Have to agree with kivik. I am not seeing the correct block amount after doing the math.

    Mathosian Knave's Power Strike hits Raive for 51 Physical damage. (32 blocked)
    Mathosian Commander's Reckless Strike hits Raive for 225 Physical damage. (145 blocked)
    Mathosian Commander's Reckless Strike hits Raive for 227 Physical damage. (146 blocked)

    This is with 699 Block (51.93% Chance of Block, 49.23% Damage Absorbed)

    This is also with 5 points n Unyielding Might. As you can see by the numbers, they are coming up to only 38 - 39% damage reduced.

    So I will say this needs to be looked at.
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    Just curious... Now that warriors have been beaten over the head continuously with nerfs for the past month DPS wise... Can we expect any significant changes to the tanking souls beside a few marginal at best mitigation finishers high up in a couple of tanking trees?

    General mitigation is still a significant issue in PvP and most of the warriors' inherent general mitigation is in the form of buffs which can get purged.

    There really is no incentive to play a warrior right now over a rogue other than pure itemization style.

    There is been very little change in the way warrior tanks work since this thread was made and it is a little frustrating.

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    Doubt we will see them with launch 4 days off. Afaik the last alpha patch wasn't sent to the closed beta yet while in the meantime we've seen 4 updates on that last cb patch. So on the one side this gives me some hope that Trion is making some adjustments for the dps issues. On the other it also probably means that tanking changes won't come pre-launch,

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    Hello Everyone,

    I have a lvl 32 warrior, and been trying several diffrent types of builds for tanking for rifts/dungens. I Have always played tanks in MMOs, being MT for raids in eq, eq2, and wow. Raids are fun but I really enjoy the instances and rifts.

    For my builds, the best set I have had tanking has been heavy reaver/paladin.

    Entropic Embrace: 5
    Imbuned Armor: 1/5
    Plague Briner: 1/1
    Soul Feast: 1/1
    Planar Attunment 5/5
    Grisly Works 3/3
    Crest Mastery 3/3
    Master of the Abyss 1/1
    Soul Devour 1/1
    Power from the masses 2/5
    Enraged Essence 1/1
    Improved Master of the Abyss 2/2
    Creeping Death 1/1

    Stalwar Shield 5/5
    Shield of the HEro 1/1
    Small Arms Specialization 4/5
    Light's Hammer 1/1


    Now with this spec, and after reviewing it, I didn't pick the straight forward cookie cutter defensive build. But For solo/group content outside of dungeons, this spec dominates, and if not little over powered. I will single handedly take out most rifts that are 1-2 levels below me, completing not only the rift, but the bonus levels as well. I have taken out a few elite rifts solo, that were 3-4 levels below.

    The reaver AE healing ability really shines and that's the power of this build. I can collect up an entire stage of mobs at a rift, and stay full health the entire fight without aid.

    As for instances, I ran with a group of friends that I have played with in MMOs for the last 8 years, we all know how to play, and we work together well to overcome challenges. This being said, as soon as I stepped in a dungeon, the elites really pummeled me. At equal level, the healer could barely keep me up, and yes we were using crowd control and such. Using the Paladin as a main spec, i was taking a ton of damage, as a reaver, my self-heals kept me alive much longer. Also to note, as I increased in levels, the damage was reduced a lot. Going from lvl 27-30 against lvl 26 elites, It felt like a dungeon should, I was taking decent damage, but the healer and myself were white knuckled spamming heals on a single trash pull.

    I don't have experience with the higher levels yet, but speaking for the lower dungeons, the difficulty for running the dungeon at the right level, in a tanking spec, was harder at times then some dungeons I ran at max level in other games. I really enjoyed the instances, but for a newbie dungeon, it shouldn't require a hardcore epic geared tank.

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    I solved all my tank problems. I rolled a 51 point Riftstalker. Doesn't matter what boss im fighting magic or physical damage this one build tanks them all! I can also level this toon 10X easier using my other DPS roles as a rogue. Oh and just to drive the nail in the coffin......my riftstalker/bard drain tank is pretty much unkillable in warfronts.

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    Hey Trion, just wanted to tell you thank you for all the good work you are doing with warriors. You successfully nerfed their damage so that there is no reason to play them for dps, every other class has better support (healing, cc) and a rogue tanks better. I hope that was your plan because otherwise it would look like ya'll have a bunch of idiots running the show over there.

    Well, at least with all the nerfs to warriors you gave them the one thing you promised ... the ability to tank. Oh wait ... you didnt. My bad. Well, at least you didnt wait till 3 days till release to spring it onto the part of the community that doesnt play Alpha. Damn, Trion is batting 1000 on the trying to upset your warrior community. If you think that the alpha testing warriors are up in arms, wait till release.

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