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Thread: Burning Intellect and Flaring Intellect

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    Burning Intellect and Flaring Intellect

    These 2 spells have the exact same graphic, which gets confusing sometimes. Can you make the spell icon for Flaring Intellect a little different? Like maybe give it a 3 sided Picaso type face or something so it reflects that it's a spell designed for groups/raids.

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    100% agree

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    Seems like a no brainer to change them up a bit... but shouldnt be all that confusing since 1 is for group/raid, 1 is no.

    However, I do like the mirror idea... or kindof like how the Eles Stone armor looks... with the 3 shields.

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    This is on the list of things to do, but I don't have any information on when it will actually get fit in along with everything else at the moment.

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