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Thread: Invisibility and other thoughts

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    Invisibility and other thoughts

    I really think Mages should get an invisibility spell. We're the easiest killed class in the game and yet Rogues get an invis or stealth type skill and have alot more AC and HP and do close to the same amount of damage. Mages abilities in general from what I've experienced so far seem limited. I haven't tried melee classes yet so I can't speak for them, but it feels more is needed to distinguish the classes.

    I realise giving each class too many things in a game where abilities can be mixed and matched could be dangerous because a juggernaut might be created, but maybe something like unlocking extra abilities for classes only if they put enough points in them to reach the top of their tree could prevent that.

    Something like Pyromancer would get Invisibility as an unlocked bonus at the top of their tree, and or an evac spell, Necromancer/Warlock a Greater Pet, or a 1 use per hour battle rez, perhaps a shadow step. Druids could get Group Teleport or a battle rez. Elementalists could get the ability to succor players across zones if they were grouped like they did in EQ.

    Casters in general I think need more defining. I would think invis/evac/teleport spells would almost be givens. Those are unique class defining abilities that make playing them fun.

    I'm mainly playing a mostly Elementalist build with a little Pyro for dps for soloing. Then I switch to a pure Pyromancer build for grouping. One thing I've found about playing the Pyromancer in a group is, on boss mobs in instances when the boss uses AE spells the Pyromancers ability to survive seems to be a coin flip. When a mob AE's for 1400 and my hit points are only 2900 or so at level 38-40, (this is if I don't have death penalties), I become more of a liability than I'm worth. I'm hoping the AE thing is just bugged and will be tweaked to account for distance. Otherwise any group would be better off taking a rogue or any other melee class with more hit points. Living dps no matter how low, is still more useful than the dead variety. Casters should be more resistant to AE type attacks unless it's a physical attack.

    Basically I think casters need more defensive/survivable/casterly qualities, and Invisibility would be a nice start. Put some see invis items in the game, or a see invis spell/potions for the PVP aspect.

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    Another idea, give mages a Globe of Invulnerability. Let it become more powerful as we level.

    Minor Globe of Invulnerability - Absorbs up to 15% of the damage dealt on the first attack against the caster and is then dispersed Level 1-20
    Globe of Invulnerability - 30% Level 20-35
    Greater Globe of Invulnerability - 50% at Level 50

    Give it something like a 3-5minute reuse timer.

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    Wait. Aren't you part of a guild that would be on a PvE server? Do you realize how this would affect PvP? Just imagine a Warlock as it stands now with an invisibility added in to the mix. Dot you up, shut you down, stealth away, pop back in for mortality and BOOM perfect kill.

    But maybe. Depends how it's done. I think the damage to survivability ratio is very well balanced for mages now with Chloromancer/Warlock > Necro > Dominator > Elementalist/ Stormcaller > Pyro/ Archon.

    If you want the biggest numbers (Pyro) you'll fold like origami, same if you're making 19 other people godly through buffs and major debuffs (Archon) : so I guess that's a definite no for me on that "shield" idea.

    BUT - the invis can be done, maybe to replace or push down the 31-point Dominator skill.

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    I was thinking something like an invis that consumed Charge myself.

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    From what I understand there will be limited PVP even in the PVE servers.

    The Globe of Invuln would be a 1 shot deal, meaning once the caster was hit once it would be dispersed. It could also be made so that it would be broken when the Mage casted a spell. If you think the damage percents are too advantageous maybe they could be lowered to say 10% 20% and 30%. Maybe even make it so that Invuln and Invis wouldn't work at the same time together, if the combo is thought to be over powered. I'm just suggesting giving casters a little more survivability and caster feel.

    Maybe Warlocks/Necros don't have to get invis, maybe they don't need it. Give them invis to undead. Of course there could be invis potions or they could get invis cast on them by a Mage class that had the spell. Make the potions more unstable than the casted version. If you make invis potions available to everyone and put see invis items in the game as well, then it becomes less of a factor. Then if you get smoked by a caster who walked up to you invised and you didn't see them, it's on you. It just adds an extra level to the PVP. In a PVE situation it would give a class with no survivability the ability to invis up and run out of a crowded area without dying. Much like a tank can run through 20 mobs without dying. That's another reason why I say give us an evac or teleport spell. Say I spend half an hour fighting into an area to finish a quest. Do I want to spend another half hour fighting back out? Usually not. So my option is to die and respawn and take a death, or use my recall. Using my recall usually means a long run back to the area I need to turn in my quest, so death becomes the quickest means of travel. A tank can train their way out and they're back on their way. A Rogue can stealth out. A Mage dies. Maybe that's just our fate in the dynamics of a video game, but I thought we were supposed to be smarter than that.

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    My 1st thought when I read this is how does invisibility impact and minimize AE damage from mobs? as this seems to be the gist of the post.

    My next thought then becomes, why is the mage in AE range? IMO this then means that maybe the range of AE boss mobs, or the range of the mage spells needs to be decreased/increased?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gwaehir View Post
    My 1st thought when I read this is how does invisibility impact and minimize AE damage from mobs? as this seems to be the gist of the post.

    My next thought then becomes, why is the mage in AE range? IMO this then means that maybe the range of AE boss mobs, or the range of the mage spells needs to be decreased/increased?
    Really not sure how you end up with that idea. Maybe I'm being unclear. I'm trying to say I would like invisibility and evac and a globe of invuln as spells because I think they would give a class with very low HP and minimal defense some way of escape or reaction time to make a move in PVP against a class like a rogue with stealth who can just walk up unseen and backstab and stun having the 1st move and then the fight being almost over before it begins. I would also like these abilities just to survive better while out soloing. I could kill a path through 20 mobs, finish my goal, and then be stuck for another half hour grinding my way back out, when a tank can just train their way out and survive or a rogue can stealth. My other option is to use my recall, but then I still have to run all the way back to the area I need to turn in my quest. The fastest way for me to do quests right now is to fight my way to them, complete them and then die to get back to the area I need to be in for the turn in, which seems wrong. I've never played a fantasy mmorpg like this where casters didn't have invis, or an evac spell. hopefully that will be an added option. I would also like to see these abilities because it would make playing a caster feel more like playing a caster.

    You're right about the AE. In all the boss fights in instances that I've been in so far, I've died almost every time to their big AE attacks. They're doing like 1400 a shot. When I only have 2900 totall HP's I'm toast if I get hit by 2 back to back or 1 and then I don't get healed to full fast enough before another one hits. I think either the AE that mobs are doing is either bugged, or the damage is set too high, or they need to make it so that the AE range is smaller. I've been standing what should be out of range and still get hit.

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    Mages in General need invis, Scouts should get evac as a general class ability. A temp shield buff for the pet would also be nice.

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    I just found that Pyromancers get a type of Shadowstep, it's called Flicker. Using this spell frees you from immobilizing type effects and teleports you 15 meters forward.

    They also get something kind of like Globe of Invulnerability, altho it doesn't work quite like I was imagining. That spell is called Fire Shield. If you put all 3 points in it and max it, it will give you a 30% chance after being hit to absorb 15% of your max hit points for 10 seconds. It's not an automatic shield, something has to attack you til you get the lucky 30%, then it's just 15%, which would be something like 3500 or so HP's at level 50, so a roughly 350hp absorbed hit absorbing shield for 10 seconds. I'll have to take that as an ability and test out how useful it is. Sounds promising.

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    I was just thinking, Levitate is also something that seems missing.

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