I really think Mages should get an invisibility spell. We're the easiest killed class in the game and yet Rogues get an invis or stealth type skill and have alot more AC and HP and do close to the same amount of damage. Mages abilities in general from what I've experienced so far seem limited. I haven't tried melee classes yet so I can't speak for them, but it feels more is needed to distinguish the classes.

I realise giving each class too many things in a game where abilities can be mixed and matched could be dangerous because a juggernaut might be created, but maybe something like unlocking extra abilities for classes only if they put enough points in them to reach the top of their tree could prevent that.

Something like Pyromancer would get Invisibility as an unlocked bonus at the top of their tree, and or an evac spell, Necromancer/Warlock a Greater Pet, or a 1 use per hour battle rez, perhaps a shadow step. Druids could get Group Teleport or a battle rez. Elementalists could get the ability to succor players across zones if they were grouped like they did in EQ.

Casters in general I think need more defining. I would think invis/evac/teleport spells would almost be givens. Those are unique class defining abilities that make playing them fun.

I'm mainly playing a mostly Elementalist build with a little Pyro for dps for soloing. Then I switch to a pure Pyromancer build for grouping. One thing I've found about playing the Pyromancer in a group is, on boss mobs in instances when the boss uses AE spells the Pyromancers ability to survive seems to be a coin flip. When a mob AE's for 1400 and my hit points are only 2900 or so at level 38-40, (this is if I don't have death penalties), I become more of a liability than I'm worth. I'm hoping the AE thing is just bugged and will be tweaked to account for distance. Otherwise any group would be better off taking a rogue or any other melee class with more hit points. Living dps no matter how low, is still more useful than the dead variety. Casters should be more resistant to AE type attacks unless it's a physical attack.

Basically I think casters need more defensive/survivable/casterly qualities, and Invisibility would be a nice start. Put some see invis items in the game, or a see invis spell/potions for the PVP aspect.