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Thread: A note about Paragon

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    I guess the main problem I have with the paragaon class is that his damage doesnt seem to be any higher than any other tank soul. In addition to that, his defense is very poor, which makes for a subpar class imo.

    Also- all tanks can dual wield, and the paragons main atk pt builder which requires you to dual wield, doenst do provide any returns over any other souls atk pt builders.

    This class really should have incredible single tar dps on par with a champion or higher, as well as having clicky defensive buffs not dependant on pt generation (again-- click on it- lasts for 10s with a 15s cd IMO).

    It defeats the dps purpose of the build to have to build atk pts to enable a buff, then rebuild pts to do marginal dps, all the while as you are rebuilding pts, you take too long and lose your buff.

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    Thought I would revive this thread to talk about some of the changes. I have tried a 31 and 51 pt paragon build since some of the changes, and it still feels like a clunkly dud of a soul compared to my 32 champ/ 19 para.

    Is this all we are going to get from this soul? Still one of my favorites as far as the idea, and theory behind the soul. Once i actually respec and get abilitys on my bar its just awful. Makes an ok support soul to champion, which i am fine with, as long as i can dual wield (and not be hindered from the DW).

    Where all my Paragons at??????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alardmik View Post
    Where all my Paragons at??????
    Playing other souls

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    Im trying Pala/Champ/Para Build. Its look like tasty.
    Ok im Lvl 26 now. Need to testing a little bit more

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    Hmm... been messing with a Paragon lately and I'm liking it. I think this should be more of the PBAoE tank. He seems to handle himself fairly well but I havent gotten past level 12 with him yet. I'm assuming the gripes come from high level toons.

    I just envision the DW tank, aka the Paragon, swinging in large circles, making the most of his ability's by effecting the most of his opponents. Also this would counter the whole crappy defense imo.

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