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  1. Oops, for those doing the math, I forgot to...

    Oops, for those doing the math, I forgot to include my main bag in the subsequent bag slots. Please don't flame me. The idea is sound, even if my math is not.
  2. Bags within bags

    I personally thing making bags that reside in a bag slot accessible to store things in. For instance, I have four 18 slot bags, plus my 24 slot main bag, that gives me 96 slots. Now, in one slot of...
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    kind of the same, but different

    I noticed you mentioned the female mage armor. I've been wondering why the veteran armor is the same for the males and females. The guards that wear them are different. Shouldn't the players have the...
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    Also, on the artifact thing

    Actually, an old problem, some artifacts you can stand normal distance away, same distance for looting. However, some artifact, you have to be right on top of the thing before you can collect. Is...
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    Along with that, an old graphics problem

    My toon, low level, haven't noticed on lvl 50, though I can't see why the lvl has anything to do with it, however, around lvl 11 it would go invisible. scroll the mouse wheel all the way in and out...
  6. Thread: Quest bag

    by vachon

    Quest bag

    I'd like to see quest items of all nature stack automatically in the quest bag. Even the items that are normally made, such as Yew wands. The quest, Artificing Supply Run, even though they're quest...
  7. Builder view

    Great idea. Kind of like what Sims3 does, is what I'm hearing here. I too have had trouble getting the correct view when trying to build things. Ended up making floating steps around my building so I...
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    Rested XP and PA XP

    I like this idea. Also, it would be a nice place to buy and stock food vendors and healers. Like the Rescue Medic you can purchase for 15k planarite. Make them a permanent addition to the dimension...
  9. Displays

    I'd also like to see a place we can display the books we've discovered in our travels. The ones we collect. I'd still like to see them in our collections, but be able to display them on a bookcase so...
  10. Houses

    Good idea, maybe too, a recipe or design so those who want to build their own house would have a pattern to use. Like for those of us who are not gifted in creativity but still want to build up from...
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    I'm a bit confused by this thread.

    So far, in the beta, I've seen certain professions can build certain items needed to build up things in the dimensions. I've also seen these same items or similar enough to build a nice dimension for...
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    That would be a good idea for items you have. I'm...

    That would be a good idea for items you have. I'm also concerned with items I may want to buy, but haven't bought yet (say from the AH) or items I'm thinking of getting from a quest giver. I'd like...
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    Item Comparisons

    I've wondered about this for a long time. When mousing over an item, to see what changes it would make if you equip it, when going from different types, one handed and tome to a two handed item, it...
  14. I'd like to see storage space like banks, but...

    I'd like to see storage space like banks, but only accessible in the other dimension. Kind of like a desk with drawers to put things in. Maybe a table to set things on. Not just fluff things, but...
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    Brevanic Portal Generator

    What is the possibility of getting this as an item like mount so it doesn't take up bag space? Click on it, learn it, then it's in the character sheet much like the mount or maybe even like the...
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