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Forums Code of Conduct

These forums are the place for the Rift Alpha community to come together to exchange information, discuss strategy, and debate the many aspects of the game. Welcome!

Trion Worlds, Inc is committed to providing a fun, vibrant, and safe online community environment that is open and welcoming to all of our users and guests. To accomplish this goal, Trion Worlds has defined a Naming Convention and Code of Conduct that are contained within the Rift: Planes of Telara Terms of Use agreement, which covers all registered users of our community. Violating any of these rules can and will lead to possible disciplinary action, including but not limited to the permanent closure of your Rift: Planes of Telara account. Enforcement and application of these rules will be at the sole discretion of Trion World, Inc and authorized members of the Rift: Planes of Telara Community Management team.

By accepting the Trion Worlds, Inc Terms of Use, you (or any users who accesses your account) have agreed to follow these existing rules and guidelines. Please note that these rules may change at any time at the sole discretion of Trion Worlds, Inc or the Rift: Planes of Telara Community Management team.

Forums Code of Conduct
  • Needless to say, impersonating a moderator or employee of Trion Worlds, Inc. is forbidden at all times. This includes using official avatars, misleading sigs and sig files, etc. Infractions of this kind will be taken very seriously .
  • No Flaming. If you disagree with someone, no problem. But making personal attacks, derogatory comments, or using abusive language is not acceptable.
  • No Trolling. Again, disagreement is fine. Provoking conflict, baiting, inciting, etc. is not acceptable.
  • Watch your language. This means no profanity, no racism, derogatory terms, personal attacks or the like. Respect religion, political opinion, sexual orientation, race, nationality, etc. That kind of behavior doesn’t belong here and won’t be tolerated. If you’re not sure, tone it down (or PM a moderator for clarification).
  • Watch what you post. This means offensive material of any nature, pornography, tasteless material, and copyright and IP infringement.
  • In case it wasn’t already clear, no hate speech.
  • We do want to hear your thoughts on Rift, but please, no badmouthing Rift or us. If you’ve got a problem, tell us about it, but be constructive. We really do want your feedback! More importantly, we want to be able to understand your feedback as well - so try to keep rants to a minimum.
  • No thread bumps please.
  • Be respectful of the moderators: they’re doing their best to make your experience a good one.
  • No spamming, to say the least.
  • Try to keep posts to the appropriate boards.
  • You should probably do a search if you’ve got a question… quite possibly someone else had the same question, and it’s been answered.
  • Please help us welcome the newcomers. We are all here to have a good time, and making someone feel like they’ve come to the right place is good for all of us.
  • If you’re not sure whether or not something’s acceptable, PM a moderator with your question before you post.
  • Oh, yeah, by all means don’t forget to have fun. These forums are a friendly place with a lot of really great players, and we’re glad you’ve chosen to spend time with us.

As mentioned above, we will be monitoring the forums, to hear from you and interact with you, but also to edit and pull posts, and to suspend and ban accounts if warranted. The rules above should be good guidelines for your activity here, and we will likely get in touch with you if there’s a question or a problem, but the bottom line is that material deemed offensive, illegal, or inappropriate in any way will be removed at the sole discretion of Trion Worlds, with possible suspension or banning, or account closure, if the circumstances warrant it.

Remember, we’re all here to have a good time!

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